Vojtech Mica Tank




The project re-proposes the "Innocenti Urban Wear exhibition" of 2001 held at the Gallery Universal NoD in Praha

The artist says about his works:

Barrier "Then I fixed my eyes on the white latticework and felt that the tedium had become even more excruciating and oppressive. I felt as if I had a big gray rubber ball in my mouth that kept growing and penetrating my brain "

White Rose "About the desire to change the assignment of my life, of the desire to break through and be able to say: Sunset in autumn, that's beautiful.What a beautiful colors have been played out here"

Garden Play "Garden Play - Bridge Passage // Over the years, this object evolved from a certain revocation of constructive minimalism to the current technicist platform in my Inert Communicators work, for me more or less ungraspable. A certain dualism and ambivalence have always been my trademark, and I have been trying to converge the two all along. A short film appeared in this work some time ago: a visual recording of a fan, by an author unknown to me, at the foot of the Nusle bridge, followed - without cut - by the recording of passage across the bridge, with the camera recording only the grid of the mesh and railing passing by in the rhythm of slightly remixed Different Trains by Steve Reich "

White Rose (in front) 1995–1997 
 Garden Play – Bridge Passage (in middle) 1994–2003
 Barrier – Space (cube in back) 1991–1992

Barrier – Space, 1991–1992
 foto Martin Polák