The exhibition presents the work of two artists who have been working closely for many years collaborating on different projects that aim to present the same themes in a divergent way, the goal is to show two distinct visions and with a heterogeneous aesthetic; that of Gilda Mautone very colorful, dreamlike and trashy; that of Ade Quercianera in dark tones, with distorted and flat figures.

The theme of this project are the "HEADS", part of the body that contains the brain, the primary driving organ of life, which processes the moods then translated from the face, which becomes their screen.

The project presents a series of heads made in two media, painting and sculpture, the materials used for the sculpture are different but not classic, such as bronze or marble, but instead paper and fabrics are used, which give a "lightness" natural to the works presented; while for the painting will be used oil and acrylic on canvas and paper.

TALKING HEADS takes its name from the song precisely to express the "vocality '" of the project, the heads in fact it is as if they were speaking to the viewer given their strong emotional and visual impact