Constantly subjected to the vision of images, which are looked at without being seen with eyes influenced by the culture and society in which one lives, one is led to want to identify and try to recognize references to reality. This condition is subverted in the harmonious and surreal works of Alessandro Gioiello who places the observer of his works in a state of bewilderment, upsetting the usual standards of vision. What the artist does in his works is in effect an act of appropriation of existing images to which he provides a new and different meaning using the collage technique or using pulverized wool fibers to replace traditional pictorial pigments. For Gioiello, collage is a “form of writing”, a thinking through images that allows him to change and expand the meaning of existing works with their own history over time. The artist has developed a personal approach to this technique, in fact he reproduces paintings taken from the history of art on which he opens a sort of window in which he inserts parts of other paintings from different eras and subjects, distorting their iconography and opening up new interpretative avenues. that give life to a third unpublished work


Alessandro Gioiello 1982 Italy

solo exhibitions

2021. Dell'origine e delle sue variazioni, Serena Gamba e Alessandro Gioiello, Isolo17 gallery, Verona 
          (curated by S.Concari)
2019. Visioni di taglio, Fondazione Augusto Rancilio - Villa Arconati, Castellazzo di Bollate (MI) 
          (curated by A.Botta, L.P. Nicoletti)
2018. Kalliston, eternamente bello, Maurizio Caldirola Arte Contemporanea, Monza (MB) (curated by L.Lunghi)
2017. Di stanze, Museo Civico "A.Olmo" di Savigliano (CN) (curated by A.Botta)
2014. Alone together, Metroquadro arte contemporanea, Rivoli (TO)
2014. Blow up N.2, Kosmos gallery - Triangle gallery, project space, Moscow (RU)
2012. Blow up, galleria Glance, Torino (curated by S.Riba)
2011. Thickness, Nothing Else contemporary art, Napoli (double show; curated by L.Iasiello)
2010. TURN (your) BACK (on), galleria Glance, Torino (double show; curated by N.Stepanova)
2009. Make yourself at home, DMT Loods project room, ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL) (curated by Puydt)